If you got an issue we will fix the problem ASAP, for the best copping experience. Lifetime license not limited to a season or specific time frame like other bots. Why is the bot so cheap? Because we want to offer a supreme bot for everyone, for kids, students and all other supreme fans.




our bot supports the EU, US and JPN sites of supremenewyork.com. JPN site support is in test mode. US site support may have some issues but we're updating!

yes, you can add multiple items to auto cop.

In the event that supreme updates their online store, we will do out best to work around this as quickly as possible and push out an update.

Yes, updates are free for all customers. the bot checks if an update is available on each start.

your token is shown on the confirmation page after purchase. If you forgot to copy or save your token please contact us and include your payment id/ mail address.

sure! the bot features a start timer and completes the whole checkout process for you. using paypal as payment method requires your presence at checkout.

you can contact us via "contact". customers have access to our priority support "support +" just login to our web interface.

other options are via twitter or our discord server. customers have access to our discord server.

all information is encrypted and stored locally on your pc!

How to Use Supreme Cop Bot

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